Story Of Jungle Home

Welcome to Jungle Home Pench

Jungle Home Pench was established in the year 2008 near Turia Gate of Pench National Park. This was our first foray into hospitality business and we did it with great success and aplomb. In our next venture the group plans to establish more hotels and resorts. The group is also in tour operator business besides providing related travel services.

The business is managed by owner Mr.Raju Itkelwar who has years of experience and conducts other businesses and projects in Central India. An avid wild lifer himself he has a knack for providing the best in wildlife tourism and hospitality.

The hotel resort is has ideal characteristics in order to host overseas visitors from around the World. We regularly receive and cater to foreign visitors who arrive to see tigers in their natural habitat.

WelcomHeritage Group

Jungle Home Pench is associated with Welcome Group since many years. The partnership has lead to our being part of a vast and popular brands active all over India. Together we strive for excellence and our success story in inextricably linked with the esteemed Welcome Group of Hotels in India.

Doing thing, at the right time.

Our Amenities
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Natural Landscape

Spread over 23 Acres

Swimming Pool

Luxurious view of sprawling grounds and a large swimming pool.

Fine Dinning

For any taste, there's something for you!

Unwind Spa

A vacation isn’t complete without a bit of pampering, and the hotel's spa is there to help.

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Jungle Home is labour of love alongside being a business. They are dedicated to ensuring their guests have an unforgettable safari experience. Jungle Home group takes nature very seriously and always put it at the center of what they do and ensure that it is a never-ending quest to give back to the wild. We have a team of about 96% locals and we're committed to providing the best service around. We have a very strong ethic for sustainable tourism and conservation and we work with other partners in local communities to promote these principles

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