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Seoni Hills - MP - India

Low rising tabletop mountains characterize the topography of this region. The hills are clad with bamboo and dry deciduos mixed forests on the slops. The intervening plains comprise of grasslands, mixed forests, bush and water bodies such as mountain rivers, waterholes, streams and ponds. Pench River is the lifeline of this diverse ecosystem

Totlah Doh reservoir stores water from the river and provides habitat to shore and wetland birds.

Pench NaTional Park and tiger reserve is an excellent destination for sighting tigers in the wild. Other animals seen on tiger safaris are leopard, wolf, sloth bear, wild dog, Nilgai, bison, langur, wild boar and many species of deer.

Tourism is organized within twenty percent of the core zone with an area of 411 The rest 768 sq. km is the buffer zone. The total area of the National Park is 1179 A part of Pench forests lie within the confines of Maharastra State where tourism is organized as well. Night safari and game rounds in buffer zone are also organized.

In order to visit the tourism zone on tiger tour a permit is required. Since the entry permits are limited it is better to book in advance at MP Online Website.

Pench Factfile

Longitude : 79007'45" E to 79022'30"
Latitude : 21037'N to 21050'30" E
Altitude : 425-675 MSL

Accessibility: It is eighty km drive from Nagpur City Airport in Maharastra. It is 200 km of drive from Jabalpur City Airport in Madhya Pradesh. Pench is at a distance of five hours from Kanha National Park in MP.

Accommodation: Large number of hotel resorts and guest houses provide accommodation for a stay at the buffer zone. The accommodation is varied with five star properties to budget resorts.

Park is open from October to June and closed during the monsoon. However game drive in the buffer may be available. Please confirm.

Weather temperatures are modrate exceptin summers May & June. Warm clothings are required during the winters upto February.

Banking is available in Seoni which is about fifty km hence carry cash during the stay at Pench. Some hotels may accept cards or travellers check. Foriegn currency is acceptable to most of the properties.